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driving to Sorrento; monte Cassino

1.Are we totally nuts to plan to drive from Montepulciano to Sorrento? We have detailed Michelin maps for Tuscany & Umbria and Molise & Campania; plan to take the A-1 Autostrada, bypass Rome and then cut over on S372 to Benevento; ring road around Benevento and then various "red, yellow & green" roads into Sorrento
2. worth a stop at Monte Cassino? We're WWII buffs but from what we know, there's not much there. Thanks, RS travelers, for your help!

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Glad you found the Michelin maps, have you seen them on-line? You can zoom down to detailed local roads and print them!

We have driven from Rome to Sorrento on the Autoatrada, don't recall a bypass around Benevento, but we did seem to bypass Naples...and took the scenic drive along the coast into Sorrento. Very narrow, no guardrails, scenic, but the driver cannot look-too busy driving!

If you already know the history of Monte Cassino, it may interest you to see the new monastery. Beautiful, so many steps! But's the rebuilt one. If you have a couple of hours to fill, go. Otherwise, go to Capri out of Sorrento!

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We drove from Tuscany to Sorrento via the A-1. Also don't recall Benevento. Do remember the traffic was very heavy (a Saturday). Parking in Sorrento can be trying too. Some hotels have parking though. Can't help you with Monte Cassino, as we did not visit. You will enjoy Sorrento. Great little town and good base to visit the islands, the coast, etc. Have a great trip.

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Thanks, Mary Ann & Devra, for your help. we will be driving s from Montepulciano and deliberately bypassing both Rome and Naples; decided to go more e to get onto smaller roads 'cause I think the Autostrada will be pretty crazy. We've driven the freeways in England, Scotland,ireland, France, belgium, & the Netherlands w/out probs, though. Didn't know abt downloading Michelin maps; like to have the whole big one and I just keep refolding as we move from one area to the next. We are both history buffs so that's why we wanted to stop at Monte Cassino. Is there a written or audio guide for the new monastery, or are you just on your own?

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  1. You can do the drive. Just plan to take more time on the back roads than you think you'll need...Italy is like that. The road to Sorrento is very curvy, and you'll need to pay good attention. Last time I was there (2004) there was a big pay parking lot sort of at the far end of town, a couple of blocks below the main drag (follow those blue "P" signs).

  2. Monte Cassino has been lovingly restored. The buildings are new but replicate the 16th century monastery. It's a very interesting place. You have to be very quiet in the cloisters, so small kids aren't a good mix with this tour. They take a long riposo (siesta) in the mid-afternoon, so check the hours before you drive up there. The restaurant part way up the mountain is good. Also, check out the Polish cemetery (part way up the mountain but not by the restaurant; there are signs).