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Driving Holiday in Italy -Avoiding Tourists and crazy drivers!

My husband and I are looking to hire a convertable and do an Italian driving holiday this summer for 2 weeks. We like small romantic places and cute hotels and restaurants but hate tourist hot spots. I like the idea of a few beaches along the way to chill on. Has anyone been on a similar trip? Do you have any tips? Should we avoid the Amalfi coast etc and stick to rural areas. I like the idea of a vineyard Tuscany trip. Also any driving tips I hear the Italians are crazy drivers......

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You're going to Italy in the summer you should expect crowds, especially near coastal beach resort areas. You could park the car and take the bus up/down the Amalfi coast. They run frequently and make all the stops. We based in Sorrento to do the coast and visit the islands.

Re driving: don’t recommend driving at night. On the toll roads: stay in the right lane unless passing. Watch for your exit, because if you miss it you may have to drive a long way to turn around. As for rural roads: construction, traffic, slow trucks, etc. can make a short trip time consuming. Those roads can be congested and slow around the larger cities, like Perugia, etc. The Italians are in a league of their own when it comes to driving (that's why rentals cost more there): they may go straight from left turn lanes, or pass up the middle of traffic on two-lane roads. And don't forget to watch out for the motorcyclists, they can come out of nowhere. Just use common sense and pay attention. Happy travels.

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Thank you for your advice, we're very keen to drive the whole way crazy drivers or not. I guess we'll just have to be careful. Can you suggest some good 'smaller' places on the Amalfi coast for us to visit, and perhaps some sights that the usual tourist wouldn't necessairily find?
Any suggestions are welcome.