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Driving from ROME to VENICE adventure!

Does anyone have a driving route planned out from Rome to Venice? My wife and I are renting a car (along with a GPS) and will be driving to Venice, we are estimating it to take 8 hours (drive time)and we want to not take the autostrada (Toll interstate) being that we will be taking it from Florence to Rome the following week.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you considered taking the train to Venice and then renting a car when you need it,dropping it off and taking the train back to Rome.A car in Rome and Venice is useless.If you do drive to Venice consider parking in Mestre and taking the 5 minute train into regards jack

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I've done this drive the reverse way (Venice > Rome, stopping in Tuscany). It's great.

Go to if you haven't already. It's like the ultimate Mapquest for Europe. Then get a good Michelin road map covering the area. You can decide whether you're most interested in speed or something more scenic. If you stick to the autostradas and are comfortable driving fast (stay out of the left lane unless you really mean it!), you'll get there in a hurry.

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Brent-Thanks for the post! I travel a lot for work here in the US and have drove in every bad city (LA, Manhattan, Chicago, etc.) so I think we should be ok over there and I am looking forward to the adventure. I am thinking about staying off of the Autostrada on the way to Venice so we can stop in the small towns and get a true feel for Italy and try out my Italian along with take our time. We are planning on leaving Rome around 8ish and then get into Venice around 7-8ish. I am going to try that site you mentioned! Thanks!!!!

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This was a drive we did on our last trip. Try to make time to stop in Assisi. What a great little town and the St. Francis basilica is beautful and really different than others you will encounter.

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