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Driving from Milan to Varenna, Lake Como

My family and I are planning on renting a car in Milan and driving to Varenna, Lake Como.
What is the best route to take?
How difficult is the route to follow?
I did driving directions using Google maps, and the route looks complex.
Any input from experienced travelers would be most welcome.

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We read alot of posts to not drive in ITaly. WE just took all was so easy to get to Lake Como and then we tookd ferry's, boats, etc. The roads appeared very small....we enjoyed the train...Marilee

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See other posts too. Remember, Malpensa airport is far out of town. Rent a car at the airport to begin your journey, or, if by train, take shuttle bus from airport to main central train station.

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I use to determine directions, approximate time and petrol/toll costs throughout Europe. Also handy to determine if walking or taxi-ing is more worthwhile. (We rarely drive--usually train everyone.)

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I don't recall which route we followed when driving from Malpensa airport to Varenna five years ago, but it was very easy, scenic and enjoyable. I would suggest you look at a couple of different maps and get a good idea how best to get there. It really is not very complicated, and not a long trip at all.

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Hello All,

Thanks for the opinions and insights. We've considered taking a train to Varenna, but opted to rent a station wagon. I'll be participating in vintage cycling event in the Chianti region after we visit Lago Como. My bicycle will be in a large bicycle travel case. From previous experience, I know it can be tough to hustle the family off the train with luggage and the large bicycle case. So a car would suit our needs.
I spoke with a friend who grew up in Milano and he went over the route on the map. Basically drive in the direction of Lecco and plan on getting lost-- its part of the adventure.