driving car up the Amalfi coast to Sorrento -- with children

We will be at a farm 2 hour from Naples with next night in Sorrento, will have car. My husband wantsto drive to Sorrento via Amalfi coast and leave car there. I worry about theroad congestion and windiness given ou 10 yo has no patience and is subject to car sickness (I opt for dropping car in Naples suburb,then train to Naples and boatto Sorrento. Thoughts? Sara

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Where is this farm exactly? If it is south of Salerno, your husband's plans might make sense. Whether there will be traffic congestion or not will depend on the time of travel. The road is curvy.
However if your concern is your 10 year old's patience or propensity for car sickness, that is not going to change if instead of using your car, you decide to visit it with a bus. Buses are subject to the same traffic congestion as the cars and they also have to negotiate the same curvy road. if your son gets car sick on curvy roads, that is not going to change on a bus. So the choice for you is not whether you driving there with the car or not, but whether you should go to the Amalfi coast at all. Unless you were planning to see it from a boat. But maybe your son might suffer from sea sickness as well.

Posted by Eileen
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Sounds like your son needs to train all the way, esp. if you truly mean car sickness. That's called setting him up...and I'd hate to be sitting next to him on a bus OR a ferry (ugh). Besides, the train all the way to
Sorrento isn't 'windy'. Windy (breezy), but not windy :-)