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Dress code for musical performance Abbazia di San Galgano

We will be attending a musical performance at Abbazia di San Galgano and are wondering if there is a dress code. I have read that opera houses require men to wear a jacket and tie...does anyone know if this is true when the performance is not in a traditional opera house?

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Usually the Italians are dressed very well for performances. Being this is not in a traditional opera house, I would still dress nicely. Bring along a jacket and tie and if people are more casual, just skip the tie and wear the jacket with an open collar. If people are wearing ties, pull it out of your jacket pocket, run in a restroom and put it on! Anyway, happy travels!!

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Agree with Mark. I was in Venice recently and passed people going to the theatre or opera, not sure which, and they were pretty well dressed. It looked like a real social occasion with every one dressed up. If you do as Mark suggests you'll be covered all ways.