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dPLF exemption questions

Hello Covid era Travelers

Looking for replies by those are / going to be traveling in Italy and completed their dPLF forms. There are two questions at the bottom of the form regarding exceptions and I'm confused as to how to reply.

Right now I am thinking that selecting NO for the "are you in any of the exemptions provided....." question as no exemptions seem to be applicable (My initial flight was a covid tested flight but that no longer applies.) .

and YES for "do you have an exemption form the Italian Ministry of Health" (I'm assuming they made and are referring to a global exemption for anyone on List D and are referring to that).

Anyone know the "for sure" answers?


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hello- We are travelling to Italy in less than 2 days. When I completed the form the covid flight option was there. However, the Italian website indicates fully vaccinated travellers from US, Canada and Japan do not require testing to fly or on arrival if coming from one of these destinations. I think the key is the completion of the form so you have a QR code. Print it off. The aircanada . com site has a covid info hub - type in the destination - Italy - and it will take you through. I know you are from US, but it answers questions about where you are going.
hope this helps.

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I don’t have a “for sure” answer but I’d probably just answer N/A Not Applicable

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We are flying Delta to Rome in September. Delta’s website says to complete the DPLF “after check-in but prior to embarkation”… after which you submit and then receive the email with the QR code. With that being said, is there a different form we should be using instead OR a second additional form?

Additionally are there other forms we need to have completed or obtain ? We have our vaccination cards, is that all we need as proof?

Thanks in advance!

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As an update, I have been communicating through email with officials in Italy and also in Chicago without an answer, just being passed down the line. The most recent seems to be a dead end, I will be sending a follow up email mid week if I have not heard back

I'll be sure to post the answer as soon as I hear anything solid.

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Hi Suzette,

I believe that is all that is needed for entry "at this time". There is a form that you will need to print out / complete for your return flight, along with that negative test result.

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I think the answer to the first question is no. It asks "are you in any of the exemptions provided by the art. 51 of the DPCM of 02/03/21?" The current rules which allow travel with a negative covid test or proof of vaccination were enacted under "Decree-Law No. 52 of 22 April 2021 and EU Regulations 2021/953 and 2021/954."

It looks like Decree-Law No. 52 of 22 April 2021 was issued by Italy's Ministry of Health. ( ) Therefore you should probably answer yes to the second question that asks "do you have an Exemption issued by the Italian Ministry of Health?"

Please let us know if you find out that this is incorrect. I travel in August and want to make sure that I complete the form correctly

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We filled out our dPLF form yesterday for our upcoming trip to Italy on August 4th. (I hope we didn't fill it out to early.) We also hit a snag at the end of the form with those same questions. What we figured out is that you need to check group C (which lists the U.S. and Canada) and NOT group D. From there we just had to select that we would show proof of vaccination, recovery from Covid or present a negative test. I hope this helps!

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Filled out today. Apparently early for our trip.

We clicked NO for the exemptions.
Class C (US)

There was no question about the flight being covid or not.

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UPDATE - You are brilliant. The "List" catagory is the issue and the online form now reflects that the US is List C and not D! Heads up for those following the "list link" it shows that the US is in D and not in C (see below)! Thank you for the solution and enjoy your travels!

Home / Covid-19 - Travelers
Covid-19 - Travelers
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List C
Austria , Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Estonia, Finland, France (including Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, Réunion, Mayotte and excluding other territories located outside the European continent), Germany , Greece, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands (excluding territories located outside the European continent), Poland, Portugal (including the Azores and Madeira), Czech Republic, Romania , Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain ( including territories on the African continent), Sweden, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Andorra, Principality of Monaco.

List D
Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Canada and the United States as well as more states and low epidemiological risk areas, which would be identified by order, including those referred to ' List It .