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Dolomites in late june or late July.

Was planning on booking a week of hiking in the Dolomites but cant decided on which time. Last week of June or last week of July. Any thoughts?

Concerned about over crowding in late July but also concerned about weather (rain but mostly overcast and fog) in June. I know it can rain a lot in July too but the weather data indicates a much higher probability of clear skies in late july.

So i guess my question is, how bad are the crowds in July? Does it get so bad that it slows you down on popular hikes? You have long waits at cable cars? You cant get food at the refuges?

If you had a choice between which weeks then which would you choose for yourself?

I've actually been in your shoes! I've hiked the Dolomites in both June and July, so I can share some personal insights. In June, it was quieter, which was nice for soaking in the surroundings. But, we did run into some rainy and foggy days, which made visibility a bit tricky at times.
On the flip side, July brought clearer skies and more sunshine, which was great for views. However, it also meant more crowds. We definitely noticed longer lines at cable cars and more people at refuges, which sometimes slowed things down a bit.
If I had to pick, I'd go for late June for a more peaceful experience. But, if you're willing to deal with a bit more hustle and bustle for better weather, late July could be the way to go. Either way, you're in for an amazing time in the Dolomites!

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I agree with the previous post and would go for late June as it will be less busy. I actually enjoy when the weather is a bit more moody in the Dolomites. It can create even more dramatic scenery. Plus, there are plenty of other fascinating sights to see if you do end up with a full day of rain in the mountains. Have a wonderful trip!

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We just returned from the Dolomites this past Friday. Stayed there three nights smack-dab in the middle of June. We got lucky. Apparently it had rained pretty solid for the three weeks before our arrival. We had one mostly sunny day and one glorious, full-sun day there. The wildflowers were blooming. The trails were not crazy crowded; on Seiser Alm we frequently found ourselves alone. Can't wait to go back!