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Doing Pompeii from Naples port in in 7hrs?

My wife and I are visiting Naples on a Costa cruise ship and want to see Pompeii, but also avoid the cruise ship excursion and travel by ourselves. We are unsure how far the train station is from the port and are hopping we have enough time to enjoy the site without worrying about missing our ship. We wanted to climb Vesuvius as well but just don't think we have enough time for both. We are scheduled to be in port from 12:00-19:00, but with getting on and of the ship that could be shortened considerably. Thanks ahead for any suggestions you might have.

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Consider Herculaneum instead. It's the "bite-sized" version of Pompeii.

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Thank you, but we are pretty set on Pompeii. My wife has wanted to see it since she was a child. Are taxis very safe around the area?

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Nikki: See the posting by CJ "Naples to Pompeii".

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Hi, one known issue with excursions not arranged by the cruise ship is that they don't wait for you in case smtg goes wrong... Getting a random train or taxi might be a high risk. I know of at least one site that offers independent shore excursions to Pompeii, I cannot post the address here but if you're inderested send me a direct message. They might give you some kind of guarantees to make it back to the boat.