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Does getting off train and spending couple hours in city...invalidate train ticket?

If i have a one way train ticket from Venice to Florence, can I get off train in Padua for lunch and get back on train with my same ticket a couple hours later or is my ticket no longer valid? I haven’t looked into if this is a reserved seating train or if there is diff in price between a ticket from Venice -Florence...or two tickets Venice-Padua and maybe it renders my question moot...? TIA!

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Unless you can find a regional train ticket that accomplishes this and can make your stop very, it's not practical or possible. Just buy two tickets.

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13maitland, if you have train from Venice to Florence with reserved seats on a specific train you cannot get off and get back on again. You might be able to manage it on a regionale train with no seat reservations but the safe thing to do would be to buy a ticket to Padua and then a separate ticket to Florence.

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On regional trains, there will be a date and time stamped on ticket - an online ticket comes with date and time, a ticket bought at the counter comes with date and you stamp the time yourself at a validating machine before boarding. You can have intermediate stops, but the ticket is valid for 4 hours after time stamped. Actually, a little more: if you are on a train when the 4 hours expire, you can still complete the trip to final destination without intermediate stops.

Fast trains have tickets with date, time and seat reservation, and are valid only for that combination. If you plan to stop in the middle you need separate tickets, that often are more expensive than a single ticket for the complete trip.

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The "short answer" is that it depends on what class of trains you're using on each segment. Ticket for the high speed Freccia trains are specific to train, date and departure time so they can only be used on the one train specified on the ticket. If you board another Freccia train with that ticket, you'll be subject to hefty fines which will be collected on the spot!

The method I'd suggest is.....

  • buy a ticket for a Regionale train from Venezia Santa Lucia to Padova. Current cost is listed at €4.25. If you buy the ticket locally, you must validate it prior to boarding the train on the day of travel, or again hefty fines!
  • buy a ticket for Freccia train from Padova to Firenze S.M. Novella. Current cost is listed as low as €21.50. This ticket will be for a specific train, so you MUST use the train you've booked. If you miss the train, then your ticket is worthless and you'll have to buy another at full (Base) fare.
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Adding a thought to Ken's good advice, there are Regional Veloce (RV) trains once or twice an hour that get you from Venice Santa Lucia to Padua in the same 26 minutes as the Freccia trains. Take one of those instead of the much slower Regional (R) trains. Price for either RV or R is 4.25 euro. I used the RV train for a day trip to Padua and it worked well.