Do you need information on the Cinque Terre trails?

For those that will be visiting the Cinque Terre and want to hike the No. 2 (Sentiero Azzurro) trails, this is the most current information that I've seen.... It looks like the Monterosso - Vernazza section will be the first to open on April 25, with the Corniglia - Vernazza section next. According to the website, it appears that the famous Via dell'Amore may not open at all this season? Cheers!

Posted by Sheron
Alta Loma, CA, USA
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Thanks for the info Ken. I will be there in September and will keep my fingers crossed that the Via dell'Amore will be open!!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Some good news to report! The Monterosso - Vernazza segment of the Sentiero Azzurro (No. 2) trails is now indicating "OPEN". Hopefully at least a few of the others will also re-open in the near future.

Posted by Paul
Morrilton, AR, US
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That section is open....walked it friday....still some construction....chain netting being installed

Posted by Jim
Brookings, Oregon, USA
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Paul, which section are you talking about? The Monterossa - Vernazza trail or the Via del'amore? Thanks Jim