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Do you know of a Navona Apartment for 2....

Me again,

I'm feeling that knot in my stomach again....

My gripe is that I've been in the travel industry for over thirty years....I've been all over the world, I've backpacked through Europe in my younger days, treppsed through Russia, Peru, etc, etc.

FOR SOME REASON this vacation, next week, has snaffood (sp) me. Maybe it's the Internet thing and all this "email us with your request". I dunno. Maybe it's my A.D.D. and the thought of "maybe there's a better one if I keep looking."

Well, I've been looking and looking, and emailing and calling and I'm about to lose it here.

We've got a car reserved (that should alleviate my stress) and we're headed to Orvieto and a farmhouse apartment for a few days first. THEN back to Rome airport, return car and head into the city. We need to be near Navona so we're close to my niece who is studying there this summer, without a phone.

Yada, yada...

Somebody help me please!

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Check out They have B&B and apartments. They are an american couple who live in Rome who operate this service. I have used them many times and they are great. Good prices too! Happy Travels!