Do you know how much it costs?

Have you recently climbed the Duomo or Bell Tower in Florence? Do you remember how much you paid for a ticket? Also, do you know the cost to see the David or any of the important/popular sights in Florence? Trying to decide if we want to spend 72E for a Florence card, or just pay as we go. Not worried about the bus, or the wi-fi option....just trying to hear from recent visitors if you remember what you paid for admission to the most popular things to see/do in Florence.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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We were just there last month. 72E seems a little steep. The line in May to climb the Duomo.Bell Tower was impossibly long. This is the fourth trip to Florence and we have skipped the climb every time.

Posted by Rose
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Ellen, at the link at the end of this reply you can get a brochure that lists all the museums and sites covered by the Firenze Card. It's good for 72 hours, so if I were you I would study the list of sites and choose the ones you are most interested in that you think you could accomplish in 3 days. Then Google your list one by one and look at the regular admission fee, add them up and see if the €72,00 would be worth it. One big benefit that can't actually be easily quantified is that the Card allows you to bypass the queues, so that has potential to increase the number of sites you might have time for. What I would personally not do is run from site to site just to make the Card price worth it. Many sites in Florence are so rich with beautiful and important artworks that they deserve the time to visit carefully and absorb their significance. Also, I would take a street map of Florence and mark each of your desired sites, then connect the dots and formulate a walking path that gets you from one site to the next to the next in a proper sequence so you won't waste time backtracking. Florence is quite compact and most of the major museums/sites are only a few blocks apart. (I climbed the Campanile and went up to the top of the Duomo with almost no lines, but it was in the deep off-season, so quite a different experience.) Have a great trip! Florence is amazing.

Posted by Andria
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I was in Florence last week. The bell tower was 6 Euro and I pre-reserved the Academia Gallery for 14 Euro. I also paid 10 Euro to visit the Palazza Vechio where I climbed that tower. I recommended paying as you go. Many sights are free. Taking the bus across the river to see Piazzale Michaelangelo was fantastic. Don't miss the beautiful church just up the hill from there. The walk back into Florence was lovely. (I might be a Euro or two off on the above costs. Should be pretty close though.)

Posted by Lola
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We were there in late June and there was no line to climb the Duomo at 9 in the morning. That was great as I am slightly claustrophobic and we were not hemmed in, or stuck behind others as we went up ( we are pretty fast at stair climbing). I don't remember the cost but it was not much. We did the campanile the previous day in the afternoon. There was no line there.

Posted by stacey
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I am looking at the same thing and just read in Rick Steve's Italy book about a combo ticket at 15 euros that includes campanile, baptistery, duomo museum and duomo crypt which also gets you in the uncrowned back door. ( his words in his book) Also there is a "terraces of the cathedral and dome tour". For 15 euros which allows you to skip the lines to enter and to climb. Tour is 45 minutes What do you think of those options.

Posted by Andrés
Montevideo, Uruguay
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Climbing the Duomo was 8 Euros a month ago. The line was about 40 min at noon.