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Do not use!!!!!

I just returned from a trip to Italy. I made reservations online for the Accademia and Uffizi Gallery through the website I found on ( I made them a week in advance and finally received a confirmation emai the day of my reservation.... letting me know that I did not get the reservation for Accademia. They charged me for the entire amount even though I did not get the reservations... The email said they would credit my account, it has been over a week and I am still waiting. I'm currently disputing the charges with my credit card and the website. They said that my reservations came through for the Uffizi and that I should go there to collect my tickets. I arrive in Florence at the museum and they ask me for vouchers. They had no sent me vouchers. Luckily I had printed out the vague email they sent me to show the woman at the desk. She said that they do not work with this website and the overcharge for tickets and do not send vouchers. I was sooooooo angry. Please save your self the trouble and book them on the phone through the museum!!!!!

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Thank you for sharing your experiences. I get their newsletter and will think twice before using their booking services.

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Thank you so much for posting your experience. I was considering booking a gondola tour with a similar sight, and now will look elsewhere. Thanks again.

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Perhaps things have changed??? Four of us went to florence mid-late may of this year, (just 2 months ago) booked ufizzi and academia with this company. We did it well ahead, had vouchers in hand, all went perfectly. With both you do go to the site, stand in short line with others who have reservation, and get tickets. Our tickets were prepaid, meaning we just pick them up. We did not purchase them at the site. I have no explanation for your experience.

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I used weekendafirenze for my 06 trip and also had a good experience. I also booked well in advance. They emailed me the voucher and I had no trouble or much wait at the museums.

I used weekendavenezia to book the secret itineraries tour at the Doge's palace and all went very well with that also. I plan on using weekendafirenze again next year. I think the trick is booking your reservation well in advance!

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I just heard back from the company. Apparently there was a miscommunication on where to pick the tickets up. They sent me to gate 1. I did not see anyone out there. The guard at the front of the museum sent me to a different reservation area gate 3. It was very frustrating and confusing.

If you have enough time book the tickets well in advance... at least a month. I still suggest that you buy an international calling card and book them over the phone through each museum. These companys charge alot extra per ticket(8-10 euro per ticket) and they just aren't as reliable. If I do it again it, it will not be through the internet. I found that the internet was not very reliable for anything in Italy, train schedules, etc. Its better to do it in person or on the phone. The technology just is not where it needs to be yet. I am glad to hear that some of you had a positive experience. I don't feel like I totally got ripped off.