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Do I have to get a covid test if I am vaccinated


I am trying to get clarification.

I have a flight booked from the United States to Italy in October. It is with Air Canada. We booked last year before all the new requirements.

My first question is do I have to take a covid test if I have received the vaccine to fly to Italy? I am a little confused with all the information coming out. I would love to ask Air Canada but unfortunately it seems to be impossible to get through to them. I am flying from the United States with a layover in Canada and then into Rome. I had to take this way because from where I live there is no direct flight. It is a covid tested flight so that is why I am thinking I will still need to take the test.

My second question is if Italy is deemed a level four, do not travel, by the United States will Air Canada give me a refund on a "no change fee" flight or even a voucher to use on a future flight? Has anyone had any dealings with them regarding something like this?
If you have a link to verify the information I would greatly appreciate sharing.

I know I seem naïve in this matter but I have been researching and even reaching out to a travel agent without any clear answers.

Thank you so much in advance.

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If a country has an entry requirement of Vaccinated or Negative PCR test, I'd recommend screen-shooting that government's criterion (from its website) & saving to your phone. I flew this summer into/out of several European airports & some staff were not aware of the most recent changes. Also: I spent the extra $15 copay & had a test taken prior to leaving home, as a precaution. But that's me.

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Keep up with the news. It's possible the EU and Italy will revise the requirements in response to the rising Delta variant case rate in the US.

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There's a big difference between "do I have to" and "would it be a good idea to." Now, I'm pretty risk averse, and like to plan for contingencies. Requirements have been changing so quickly, it's entirely possible that the testing requirement could change while you're in the air. Or you could run into an official/business owner along the way that has their own idea of what regulations SHOULD be, and demands that you show a negative test. Or your plane could get re-routed and you end up in a country that requires a negative test on top of proof of vaccination.

Personally, the cost of the test and the time it will take me to get it at Walgreens/CVS is well worth the peace of mind I'll get from having the negative test. It's like travel insurance - not required, but can definitely alleviate anxiety. I also like to have a printed copy of my reservations and documents, on top of the version on my phone and the one in the cloud, if that gives you any idea of my "travel style."

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My Amalfi Coast hotel will require a negative test when I arrive next week. They wanted a “24-hours negative test” and I had to ask whether a within 72-hours test result will be acceptable since I’ll be on the way to my US departure airport 24-hours from arrival in Italy (losing 7 hours since Italy is ahead of us on the 24 hour clock). It was easy to make an appointment for a drive through test at CVS.