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Do gondolas and cameras mix?

Hi photographers! I'm interested in bringing my camera on a gondola ride in Venice this summer but I'm concerned they aren't sturdy enough or that water might splash my camera. Any advice? Is it a bad idea to bring it? Also, how warm is it in early June? Thanks in advance!

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Its not like its white water rafting. You will be fine as long as you don't drop it in the water. Or fall out of the gondola which I think would be difficult to do since you are sitting down. A little splash won't hurt if you clean it right away. If you are worried just keep it in your purse or camera bag and only take it out for photos. As long as the water doesn't get inside the camera you are ok.

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Well its been years, but I was in a gondola once in Venice, and I do not recall there being any threat of water touching me or my belongs at all, and of course we had our cameras. They are big and wide and low, very very stable

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Hello! First of all, you will love Venice. It's wonderful! Expect a lot of tourists... We went in Sept. 2007 and there were tourists everywhere. While we were there, it was very warm - shorts & tank tops! I'd expect it to be very nice (even hot) in June.

Take your camera on the gondola! You won't want to miss all of the lovely sights you will see along your ride. The gondolas are slow going and you should have no problem with getting your camera wet. Make sure you have a strap attached to your camera (I'm sure you do) and wrap it around your wrist or leave it around your neck if you're worried. I always had my camera wrapped around my wrist - just in case!

Have a wonderful trip!!

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The gondolas are slow and smooth. They are big and sturdy enough to seat six with cushions. You should be able to get day shots easily. A little harder to get night shots without camera motion. June should be nice (chance of showers).

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And go ahead and take out the home equity line of credit that you'll need to pay for the ride. ^_^

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Hi China,

Don't even give it a second thought about getting your camera wet. If the Grand Canal is rough most likely your ride will be on the inner canals. As for the weather and temperatures the last time I visited Venice was mid June and it was HOT, close to mid 80's everyday and not a drop of rain. The weather is unpredictable from one year to the next. After we left Venice we went to the Greek Isles and it was over a 100 degrees everyday and again no rain. Have fun!