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Very cute! I'll keep an eye out for this movie.
Thanks for the heads up, Mike.

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Wow, the link also includes Rick Steves’ overview of the CT, for anyone who hasn’t visited there yet. In the movie, will Rick play himself, I wonder? And is the seagull in the film going to be a real wisecracker? Voiced by an American actor using an Italian accent?

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Thanks for posting that. It looks like a fun movie for my grand children so I'll watch for it.

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I hope this doesn't mean Disney cruise ships visiting the Cinque Terre. (Disney owns Pixar.) As if the Cinque Terre isn't busy enough. (During normal times.)

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I haven't been to the CT but since my wife tells me to stop acting like a child your observation is likely correct.

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Oh no, I hope this doesn't generate even more interest to CT, I was hoping to keep this place to myself.

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Luca, the Disney movie, being (finally) released in the US June 18. The film premiered at the Aquarium of Genoa on June 13 and it's scheduled to be released direct-to-streaming on Disney+. Monterosso will have a pair of effigies of the main characters on the beach for 2 months. In September, Luca will return to being a cute kid's name or an American misspelling of Lucca.