Dinner Recommendations? Rome

Hi there, We are spending a couple of nights in Rome at Contemporaneo Rooms (Via Dell'Esquilino 38, Stazione Termini, Rome, 00185) Does anyone have any suggestions for nice local restaurants (not too expensive) in the area? I have been to Italy before and found that the restaurants aimed at tourists are generally over-priced and not very good. I decided that if I go again I would get some recommendations! Thanks in advance:)

Posted by Don
Santa Fe, NM, USA
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Katie Parla just updated her app and has lowered her price to 99 cents (at least for the iphone app). Also you may want to check www.theromedigest.com

Posted by Michelle
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I am another owner of the Katie Parla App. Well worth the investment. I have just looked at your accommodation address and checked the App. Restaurants nearby are; Trattoria Monti, Kabir Fast Food, Gaudeo, L'Asino D'Oro, Da Danilo, Li Rioni, Mesob, Food and Beverage, Doozo, Colline Emilane, Gainn.
Have fun. I personally would not eat anywhere unless Katie recommends it.

Posted by Don
Santa Fe, NM, USA
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Just an update: Katie's app is now $2.99, sale is over for the updated app.

Posted by Richard
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The sponsor of this forum has several books full of good recommendations. I found it very useful to carry just the section of the book for the area I was in (yes, I used a razor knife and cut the book into sections). That way when we decided to stop and eat I could look up the closest recommendations and make an informed decision. I was never disappointed following the book however when we just went somewhere that was convenient and seemed "full of locals" we ended up dissatisfied. Without a data connection and charger, a smartphone app would not have been as useful. Sometimes "old school" is more practical.

Posted by Ruth
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Download the app Eat Rome. It's so helpful because it lists by neighborhood. I found great food using this in March. I like Katie Parla's blog, but I think this app is better.

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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Pizzeria Est! Est! Est! near Termini, and in Rick's book, is really quite good. Great desserts, too. Babbo's is also close and has good seafood. Don't be hesitant to leave the neighborhood of your hotel to explore dining options, though. Walking is easy and public transportation is great!