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Digital Camera/Video Cameras in Carry-on?

I was recently told that if you keep your digital cameras and video cameras with you in your carry-on, the data/pictures on them will be ERASED when they are put through the x-ray security machines. Has anyone heard of this? Any suggestions for where to keep these items? Carry-on? Checked baggage?

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I have never had a problem with the digital camera in carry on luggage. Haven't had anything erased.

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Urban myth. No issues through security. Not safe in checked bags, more chance of damage/loss. Carry your valuables on with you, especially your camera.

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That is completely false.

Data on a memory card is unaffected by the xray machines or metal detectors.

What does damage memory cards is improper handling like just letting the card float around the bottom of your bag collecting dirt and other gunk or carrying them in pocket.

As long as the memory card is installed in the camera or stored in clean dry container. You will have no problem.

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Never had a problem. I always take my camera in my purse or carry on as I feel more comfortable not having it damaged if it's 'on me' so to speak. I'd be worried it would be damaged if it was in my checked luggage.

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You are thinking of film. If you still take film don't put it through the xray. Digital is fine. Never had an issue.

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Shalea, I just went through a total of 5 security checks with Xray (including 3 coming back from Munich) and my digital camera pictures were just fine. I would not check expensive cameras; in fact, signs at the airport tell you that it is film in CHECKED baggage that can be harmed (though, it does not mention other cameras).