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I have read the page on RS site regarding rail and have spent a few hours on the DB Bahn site. I am comfortable figuring out which train and route to take, however am unclear how to make reservations when there is a symbol that indicates "not bookable on the internet". If it helps - I will need rail for the following, over a 4 week period: Milan to Stressa Stressa to Venice Venice to Monterosso Florence to Rome (this is the one which indicates compulsory reservation) I see earlier posts indicate fines given when reservations are not made, so I'm trying to be prepared! Thanks for your expertise,

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The db bahn is good for scheduling information but you cannot buy tickets on that site unless the train starts or stops in Germany - reason for not bookable message. Go to All trains except Regional trains in Italy require a seat reservation. The reservation is INCLUDED in the purchase of the ticket. The only time a separate seat reservation is required is when using a rail pass. Regional train tickets should not be purchased on the internet - no reason and easier to purchase in person.

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What Frank said. Summer schedules (after June 8) are not loaded on Trenitalia's site as of this morning, keep trying for a supersaver fare (but you are locked in to that train, no changes allowed). You can make changes to base fare tickets that you buy online. You will receive an e-ticket. Regional train tickets can be bought when you are in Italy, remember to convalidelate the ticket before you board the train.

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Erica, As Frank mentioned, use the Trenitalia website for rail trips in Italy. You'll be able to buy some of your tickets online or you can simply buy them when you arrive in Italy, either from a staffed ticket office or an Kiosk. Tickets will include reservations, when required. Regarding each of your trips.... > Milan to Stresa - the trip is only about an hour via EuroCity or Regionale train. No reservations are possible or necessary with Regionale, but YOU MUST validate your ticket prior to boarding the train on the day of travel or you may be fined on the spot! > Stresa to Venice - the easiest trip will be a departure at 09:39, arriving Venezia S. Lucia at 14:10 (time 4H:31M, one change at Milano Centrale). The first train will be EuroCity and the next will be a Freccia, and both have compulsory reservations. NOTE that if you pre-purchase tickets with reservations, they're specific to a particular train and departure time. If you miss that train the tickets will be worthless and you'll have to buy more at full price. > Venice to Monterosso - the easiest trip will be a departure at 08:50, arriving 15:02 (time 6H:12M, one change in Milan). That route is via Freccia and InterCity trains, so reservations compulsory. You didn't mention Monterosso to Florence - have you got that sorted? > Florence to Rome -this will be via Freccia train, and you could either buy the ticket when you arrive in Florence, or online. You could also use the new Italo train on that route, however it uses Tiburtina or Ostiense stations rather than Termini. To summarize, you can buy tickets which require reservations either online or locally at the stations. Buying locally will cost more, but provides better flexibility. Happy travels!