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destination italy.

My boyfriend will be coming over to visit me for a week (i'm studying abroad in england). We plan to do london for a few days and then a yet-to-be determined destination in italy. all i need is: warm weather and gorgeous sites. my boyfriend is really into history and that sort of thing, which caused me to lean towards rome at first... but venice has been catching my eye lately. are there any other suggestions on places to go, keeping in mind our college-student budgets? Thanks in advance.

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Venice doesn't have to be an expensive destination. I can suggest two hotels that are as clean and inexpensive as any other place in Rome or Florence. Food can be quite good and inexpensive if you stay way from tourist restaurants. The art in many of the churches is free. Transportation about town is easy and affordable. So don't be scared away from Venice.

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I just saw it on the news today, everyone is hitting the beach there and getting some sun.
I'd go to Siracusa, where along with the beautiful historic center of Ortigia, you can just hop on a bus and hit several great beaches. There is also the famous Greek Amphitheater.
Fly to Catania and take the bus to Siracusa, beautiful scenery, ocean, beaches, crystal blue water, sun, history, fantastic food, and nowhere near as expensive as Venice.

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Katie, You've requested warm weather but it all depends on when this visit and travel will take place.

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Katie, I love Venice...but I can tell you it is hard to visit "cheaply". Rome is better (price wise), and in my opinion, a must see for everyone who travelsHowever, if you really just want to experience Italy under warm conditions, think Sicily. Not as crowded, not as expensive...and much more inviting beaches.

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You mentioned college-student budget: Venice is one of the more expensive destinations. You also mentioned warm weather but didn't give your dates: Venice is not going to be as warm as farther south such as Rome. Your boyfriend's historical bent will be satisfied wherever you go in Italy, the country oozes history from every pore of its Italian soul. Rome might belong near the top of your list: warmer than Venice, somewhat (at least a little) less expensive, and 2500 years of history for your boyfriend.

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Katie - any place in Italy will be warmer then London or Omaha ( I can say that because my wife graduated from Bellview High, Omaha in 1976!)

I'll lobby for Rome since I live here with side trips to Ostia Antica, Tivoli, and/or Orvieto. You get the best of all worlds and as posted, it's much cheaper than Venice (most places in Italy are!!)

Good luck in your decision - wherever you go in Italy, you'll have a great time together!


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I know you have "Italy" in your heading, but I'll plump for southern Spain. Sun, beaches, and cheap...relatively speaking, that is. Lots of self-catered places should be available, and there are hostels all over, should you go for that sort of accommodations. And there are cheap flights galore out of London to destinations all over Spain. You can check for budget flights at Tons of history in southern Spain, with the Andalucian region being the heartland of the mix of Christian-Jewish-Moorish heritage which makes Spain such a unique destination in western Europe.

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Venice is divine but I found it expensive and made prices in Rome look positively reasonable. You can't beat Rome for history and things to do. Very easy to fill a week there and you would have a greater chance of doing that on a student budget.

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Your story sounds familiar. :) was built by a couple on a student budget and the idea is that you say where you want to fly from and it gives you a whole list of destinations you can fly to on budget airlines. So, if you are flexible where you want to go, just click on your departure airport and you may find a destination other than venice which may inspire you.

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Sicily or Puglia for history and beaches. RyanAir has cheap flights to both. Check the accommodation links on their site.

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Totally depends on when you're going to do this. Southern Italy can be beautifully warm or unbearably hot depending on the time of year.

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thanks so much for those who have replied. It's been very helpful as I've been researching the various destinations we've considered in Italy, even added one or two to the list :)

We will be traveling in the middle of may (sorry, i thought i had included that in the previous post). Again, i really do appreciate the response! Thanks.