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definative Church dress code

I'm going to Rome, Florence and Venice... has anyone been there lately and tell me who is being turned away?

Can men wear long shorts?

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We just returned from Roma and we go almost every year. It really depends but St. Peters does have people there all the time who check for exposed shoulders, shorts and, for the girls, low necklines or excessive clevage. Altho the rules are supposed to apply to both sexes, clearly they are more critical of women's clothing. This time particularly I saw young men with shorts about knee length who were allowed in but young girls with about the same shorts turned away. I also saw one young lady who came prepared with some sort of skirt (ladies, you will be able to give it a name) but she pulled it out of her pack, wrapped it around her waist and tied the cord, smiled at the guard and walked on in. He DID smile. Most of the other churches don't have guards at the doors so they are less likely to object. However, once inside the may see you and ask you to leave. I am not religeous at all but I do believe it is their church and so it is their right to set the policy.

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We are just back last week from Rome, Florence, and variety of other places. We routinely saw men (and women) in shorts, tank tops, etc., being denied. Obviously in small churches with no guard people entered. But on a a couple of occasions did see a roving guard or church employee ask people to leave. And every now and then did see someone who in shorts who had slipped by the guard. Did witness a encounter between the guard at the Cath in Milan and two Baptist ministers wearing shorts and loud shirts who were denied admission argueing rather loudly that they were being denied their rights. The guard stood firm. Out of respect, dress appropriately and wear long pants. Remember, this isn't Disneyworld and you are not spending a day at the beach. It is a house of worship. Tourist sometimes forget that they are guests.

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Frank's right it's all about respect. I suspect the Italians get a little sick of people expecting to go into a place of worship in shorts and singlet tops. I know it can be hot but it is a church and you really need to dress appropriately.

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Frank, couldn't have said it better myself! Thank you.