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daytrip, pompeii or capri

Going to Rome in September. Planning on taking a day trip to Florence and hope to take at least one other day trip. What would you recommend? Would train travel be the best option. I have Pompeii or Capri in mind, but am open to other suggestions. I would love to be able to see the water.

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Pompeii and Capri are both about 6 hour roundtrip from Rome. Instead of Pompeii visit Ostia Antica (details in Rick's book) which is only about 45 minutes from the city center of Rome. Be sure to make reservations for the museums in Florence. If you only have a day you don't want to waste time standing in line.

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I just came back from Italy and as a suggestion if you go to the Accademeia you will want to go to the Marco Polo Meuseum its just past the Accademeia in this small square. Its a couple dollars extra but you can make your reservations there and avoid the long lines. But just to let you know that museuem only has the statue of David. its pretty decieveing for such a large building. And Capri was awesome! The Blue Grotto was one of the most beautiful things I saw while in Italy. It was either that or Pompeii for my friends and I and we chose Capri. Well worth it.

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capri is beautiful but sort of like victoria in terms of kitchiness. i would vote for pompeii. i have been there twice and would go again.

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Loved Pompeii and Naples, want to go back to do more of the Amalfi coast. I would recommend going by train, we were in Rome in May 2007 and did a day trip to Pompeii/Naples using Ricks Rome 2007 book, very easy. We also did a day trip to Florence, also took the train (don't go to Florence on a Monday most of the muesums are closed that day).