Day Trips in Friuli-Venezia Giulia ?

We're staying four days in the F/V/G area of Northern Italy. We're going to take a couple of (even three?) day trips before heading other places (Venice and the CT). Any suggestions of places to go? We're going to Trieste since my wife has family there and were kicking around western Slovenia since we've never been there. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU! Brandon and Melissa

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Pick up a LonelyPlanet guide book and do some reading. We had a wonderful time in that area. Stayed in a awesome winery in Cormons; La Boatina, while we did wine tasting in the area, and had a fantastic 3 hr lunch there, visited some of the old Roman ruins in one of the seaside towns, went to see the neat old town of Goritza (sp?), etc.

Posted by Susan
Kamloops, BC, Canada
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Gorizia is worth a visit. Trieste is beautiful and has some grand old cafes where writers such as Joyce and Svevo used to hang out. Your relatives will be able to show you around, but if you want to do some reading to prepare, the following is an official Trieste tourism board site:
If you are interested in visiting Palladian villas, stop in the Veneto area when you are near Venice and try to visit Villa Manin and many others to choose from!

Posted by Linda
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If you enjoy prosciutto, a stop in San Daniele del Fruili is in order. Their annual prosciutto festival, "Aria di Festa," takes place the last weekend of June. Especially interesting are the tours of the various "prosciuttifici" where the prosciutto is produced. Buon viaggio!