Day trips from Trento to Cortina and Innsbruck

We are going on a 12-day trip to Italy in August, spending a week in a villa outside Trento and several days in Venice. I am a big fan of the Winter Olympics. Is a day trip from Trento to Innsbruck, or from Trento to Cortina, realistic? We'll have a car.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Innsbruck is a little bit faster because it's all freeway, less than 2 hours. Cortina might be 2.5 hours away. But I would do Cortina passing from Ortisei, and the Val Gardena (Selva). Lots of beauty to see. Even with stops you should get to Cortina in under 3 hours. Then you could come back going through Vigo di Fassa and Cavalese back to Trento. It's a big loop which will take at least 6 hours back and forth to Trento. Add a few hours stopping and enjoying the panorama and you have a nice day trip. Leave early to enjoy it best.