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Day trips from Rome to Florence and Sorrento

I spent a substantial amount of time in Rome last winter, but remained primarily in that city for three months. I am considering going back this winter and want to take some day trips to Sorrento and Florence with my guests. Question: is it feesible to spend only a day in these two cities? I know I can see the highlights in Florence in a day, but I am less familiar with Sorrento. To that point, how does one get to Sorrento from Rome, when the train only runs to Naples? I must say, I am somewhat nervous about using the rails, just because I am not at all familiar with how it works (I have read the posts on that topic, but am still nervous). Can anyone shine some light on these issues and ease my concerns? What would you suggest seeing in Sorrento?

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Day trips are possible, but both cities lend themselves to more than 1 day. You can certainly rush thru everything in Florence in 1 day, but boy, there are so many wonderful things to see, that it would be a shame to cram it into one day. But if you are talking several day trips, then it would be feasible. The train trip is 2 hours, so you would have to alot 4 hours /day for travel time.

Sorrento is the same story, except there is so much more to see. Again, it is a 1 1/2 to 2 hr train trip one way. Once you get to Naples you can then take the Circumvessuvina train, or the bus to Sorrento. On the trip you pass by Pompeii and Herculaneum. The buses go further to the beautiful shore towns of Positano and Amalfi. The museum in Naples is a must, and some people rave about the island of Capri.

Don't be afraid of the trains! The trains system in Italy is one of the better ones in Europe. Pick up Rick's Italy book and read about these areas! Life is too short not to explore!

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2 days in florence would be good to cover all the big sites. i don't know if you can go directly from rome to sorento, but for sure train to naples then train or boat to sorento. i'd also spend 2 days in sorrento (1 day for pompeii and naples), and another day for amalfi coast.

the trains are fine and don't get scared by those posts - the italians are riding them everyday! you'll be thankful for the extra days, day trip is not enough for these 2!