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day trip to giulianova from Rome?

Hi All

I was planning on spending 4 nights in Rome as part of a 2 week trip and then the Hnext 3-4 nights in Sorrento. I am trying to fit in a trip to Giulianova on the west coast because my ancestors are from there. The first plan was to spend 4 nights in Rome, 1 night in Giulianova and then 3 nights in Amalfi Coast, but we would have to drive from Giulianova to Sorrento. The 2nd option is 4 nights in Rome with a day trip to Giulianova and then 4 nights in Sorrento. We would have to drive from Rome to Giulianova but then we can take a train from Rome to Naples then get a driver to pick us up to take us to Sorrento. If we spend the night in Giulianova I have to cut a night off from Rome or the Amalfi Coast. I am not sure which is more efficient. Can you help?

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