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day trip from venice to Trieste? Bologna?

I read a couple of old posts about this but does anyone have any recent experience with Trieste? We're staying in Venice for 6 nights and would like to take one day trip while we're there- never been to either city, but Trieste interests me because it's more Central-European. Is it worth it, or save Cent Eur for a real CE city? Is it pretty/ugly/interesting/just a city? What about Bologna?

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Can't speak for Trieste, but hope to some day. I've been to Bologna twice. It's well worth a day trip for the food alone. It's unique because of its famous loggia - covered sidewalks with restaurants and shops lining the streets. It's a very beautiful midieval town. Taking the train is easiest - the station is a short walk from the historic center and there are many from Venice and back.

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I was in Trieste several years ago and remember it as similar to every other town in N Italy and S Austria. You can read about it at:

I classify it as not very interesting; select another place which may interest you more. Such as Vienna.

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I have been to Trieste a couple of times and have not been impressed. It's pretty much an industrial/port town - nothing special. I think a trip to the Dolomites would be a much better choice.