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Day trip from Rome to a Hill Town?

We will be in Rome for a total of 4 full days. And if we have time, after seeing the major sites in Rome, we are interested in taking a day trip somewhere. I'm thinking a Hill Town. Are there any near by and easy to get to by train or bus?

Thanks in advance!

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Both Orvieto and Asissi are reasonable day trips from Rome.

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We'll be back in Rome in November. My plans are for a train ride to Orvieto. Lovely hilltop town, and as previous poster said, easy to get to.

Take the train, then the funicular up the hill to town.
Beautiful church, lovely piazza and nice shops!

Take the time to walk down St Patrick's well, fun and interesting history - it's by the wall, easy to find!

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I spent a semester of college in Orvieto, so I'm a little biased, but I would go there. It's only about an hour from Rome on the train and has some worthwhile sights (definitely check out the San Brizio Chapel in the Duomo -- it's amazing and much less crowded than the Sistine chapel). Orvieto also has some great parks and scenic walks around the city walls. It's a nice break from Rome. When my parents went to Italy they stayed in Rome and said their trip to Orvieto was one of their favorite parts.

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I Love Orvieto! You will never want to put your camera away. It's quaint and charming. Have fun!

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Is Orvieto possible to get around and see with luggage. We can stop over on our way to Rome by train. We would have a few hours there, but will have our luggage. Thanks Becky

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Go to Orvieto! I love this little town and the views of the countryside are priceless. Train is only about an hour from Rome with frequent trains throughout the day. View train schedules online at Trenitalia:

There is no luggage storage at the Orvieto Station.

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Without a doubt, go to the best hilltown ever Civita!! You will never see anything like it again! RS recommends it in his books, here is the website it is just south of Orvieto, I think it's about 60 miles north of Rome, make a day trip out of it and rent a car from the Termini station.

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I booked with viator a day trip the assisi day trip. its a good trip just be leary of the lunch. Make sure you bring some food or eat along the way it wasn't that good. but the tour itself was fantastic. Its an all day trip that returns about 8pm.