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Day in Milan

Hi! I have about 7 hours in Milan. I fly in at 11:00 am to Malpensa. I have a ticket to see the last Supper at 1:30 pm. I'm scared about time. What is the quickest way into the city from Malpensa and is there somewhere I can drop my bag? I was thinking a train into Cardona station (near The Last Supper) but I don't know if they have a luggage check????

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I would recommend taking the train to Cadorno because it is very close to the La Cenacola Viniciano (The Last Supper). The walk is only about 10 minutes from Cadorno to the church. I usually take the bus, but that would deposit you on the other side of town at Stazione Centrale.

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Thank you so much. I'll be taking a train out of Central station for Turin later that day. If I was running late from the airport I thought I might make it to Last Supper faster if I got a train to Cardona and left my bag there. The central station looks farther away.

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If you are looking for other things to do after the Last Supper I have a page about a day I spent there last winter here: Day Trip To Milan