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Where would you spend your day, in Naples or fly on to Palermo? What would you choose to do there?
Our South Italy tour ends at breakfast and Sicily tour begins the following evening. Thank you for your reply

Posted by Frances
San Diego
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If you have not seen much in Naples, there is a wonderful archeological museum where you could spend many hours. There is great pizza.... My very favorite piece of sculpture "The Veiled Christ" link to the chapel location I LOVE Sicily and would probably go there, only because I LOVE it and there is a lot to see (where does your tour begin?) Here is a link I used to plan things in Sicily.... Best of Sicliy... --------------------- Guess I didn't answer your question, there are plenty of things to
do in both places.

Posted by Andy
San Luis Obispo, CA, United States
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Frances, thank you for your reply and the Sicily page and Chapel page both look very helpful. We appreciate your thoughfulness, Anne and Andy

Posted by Frank
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If you want to visit Herculanium or climb Vesuvius, then it would be worth spending an extra day in Naples. Sansevero, with the veiled Christ, is included in your Naples itineraty. Otherwise, I'd suggest heading to Palermo the day your Southern Italy tour ends. There's more to see and do in Palermo than the intinerary covers, and that gives you cushion in case of a strike or other unexpected delay. When I took the Sicily tour in 2006, several people didn't arrive until Day 2 due to an Alitalia strike.

Posted by Andy
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Frank, Your thoughtful observations give us another consideration. Your experience is something we had not thought about. One year in Spain we had one two day late tour couple arrival, due to US mid west wx. In the past we have always arrived early at our past tour starting points and found plenty to do there. Thank you,
Anne and Andy