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Customs and Naples airport

Hello I am from Minnesota and will have been in Italy for a week. Our next stop is London. Do we need to go through customs when leaving Italy, before arriving in London? Also how is Naples airport ? busy?

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You will also go through immigration in Naples leaving Italy as you're exiting Schengen, & again upon arrival into the UK you will pass through their immigration procedures, unless you're transiting to the USA.

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When you fly from a country within the Schengen Zone (Italy for instance) to a destination outside the Schengen zone (like London) you will definitely go thru passport control where a border police officer will check your passport. This is in addition to a security check. You need to allow plenty of time for this passport check.
Whether or not Naples Airport is busy, depends on what day you fly and at what time.

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Sorry, immigration is what I meant .

Thank you for the replies! I thought so! Appreciate it!

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If you look at the stamp you got when you entered Schengen, you will see an arrow pointing into the stamp as well as the airport where you got the stamp. When you exit Schengen, you get another stamp. This time the arrow will be pointing out and there will also be the name of the airport from which you are exiting. Both will have the date you received the stamp.

Upon entering the UK, as long as you are staying, you will go through immigration and customs there. As long as you are on a US passport, you should be able to use the egates.

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Naples airport can be super busy. We arrived 3 hours early for our flight back to London April 2022. It was a morning flight but still the airport was crowded and we barely made our Eastjet flight. Maybe check if your airline has more than one flight leaving at your approximate departure time.