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Currently in Rome for 5 days, please help with things to do

This forum has helped me so much in the past, I am reaching out for my son. He went to Italy to coach, and all of the matches were called off because of new Covid restrictions. Now he's in Rome for 5 days with no plans. Can you give me suggestions to pass on to him? He's by himself, 30 years old, great shape. Thank you!

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If you got him a Rick Steves Rome Guidebook on Amazon e-book, he could flip through it and pick from tons of options

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Have him join a walking tour, just look online and see who is offering them. He can also do a walking food tour with Eating Europe. I think it would be hard being alone, but aren't the players there that he coaches? They should all just get together, plan sight seeing, dinners, etc.

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All the above suggestions are great and the RS eBook would give him some ideas that pique his interests. We’ve always gleaned information from our walking tour guides as well. We used Walks of Italy for the Colosseum and Palatine Tours. There is so much to see and 5 days in Rome is great. All the best.

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If he can download the Rick Steves audio app, there's a whole library of free tours & walks he can do with an earbud in. And everything that's listed with a tour is definitely worth doing!

Also, if he has Kindle Unlimited, the Lonely Planet Italy guidebook is included.

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Aside from the top attractions, walking around Rome is like walking around an outside museum - a surprise around every corner.

Check out

Sometimes you can schedule a tour the day before or even the same day if they have room. Groups are small.

Similar touring guide is

In addition, maybe check out this website:

She is "boots on the ground" - has been living in Rome for about 20 years; is married to a Roman.

Her site gives suggestions about where to go, where to eat.

She gives a lot of updated information about what is going on with restrictions etc.

Naturally, it is always best to check direct websites of any attractions or restaurants for the most current policies and information.

Oh. Remind your son to be extra mindful of keeping anything of great value in pockets or in his backpack if he carries one.

Never put a phone or a bag unsecured on a table or bench where someone can just take off with it.

All the times I've been to Rome as a traveler; did not have any issues. Practicing common sense and personal safety was key.

If he goes into the Vatican museums or the Colosseum or the Borghese, large backpacks will need to be checked. Security had been allowing backpacks and travel bags up to about 14 inches without being checked.

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Might also have him take a look at the "Things to Do" pull down menu for Rome on Trip Advisor. Lots of good info there. We generally find that the reviews and comments sections are helpful for helping to sort things out according to our personal interests.

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Rick Steves Rome guidebook features excellent self-guided walking tours.

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Oh to be in Rome again at the moment at all.... Missing Rome and family there like crazy!

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All of the famous sights are worth it - the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Forum area. Get tickets for a tour of the Colosseum and for the Vatican. The Borghese Gallery is enjoyed by many. He could take a day trip to Orvieto or a long day trip to Pompeii if he would like, otherwise just enjoy gelato and walking around Rome!