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CURRENT transport Naples - Bari- Matera

I thought I had planned all of my transport for my trip in May of 2020... I intended to travel from Sorrento to Naples in the morning, then take a Trenitalia train to Bari Centrale. Then I intended to walk over to the FAL station and take the FAL train to Matera Centrale. Unfortunately, the internet is not always up to date. Is the FAL train line still running from Bari to Matera? ( May, 2020) All of my recommendations seem to be from several years ago. I don't want to take a bus from Naples or Bari in the middle of the night or early morning, as i still have to get there from Sorrento. If the FAL is running buses instead of trains, will they adhere to the train schedule and leave from the train station in Bari? Thank you once again for helping me. Gerri

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