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Cruise Ships Return to La Spezia

Yesterday, for the first time in 22 months, two cruise ships docked in La Spezia on the same day. The 2500 passengers disembarked to visit the area, serviced by 70 buses as well as offerings including boat, e-bike and scooter tours. The facility manager said it was a sign of renewal and pride. There was mention of visiting Cinque Terre by boat tour, but it seems that 'free excursion' touring was not available.

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Very interesting, Mike. Thank you for sharing this information. The link was in Italian, and an Audi pop-up ad then it inaccessible for me, even if I could’ve read the Italian. It hadn’t occurred to me that seasonal operations that weren’t running in Nov. 2019 thru March 2020 have had even less income during the Pandemic than those that shut down when the situation became severe in March last year. The Pandemic effects have been 22 months for some, not just the 17 that I’d been figuring.

Was everyone on each ship vaccinated, I wonder? And/or getting tested regularly, frequently, and all testing negative?

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Cyn, the Audi ad was on a 10-second timer so went away after the clock ticked down...or did for me, anyway. Then just copy/paste the text into google translate to read the article in English.