Cruise ship to pompii / naples

We would like to take in pompii in the three to four days we are in the rome area. Everything on this web sight is about day trips from Rome. Is there any reason why we could not take the train from Cruise ship to P/N. Where would be the best place to stay.
We speak no Itialan is that going to be a problem?? We want to avoid rome at the beginning of trip as it is Rome day and avoid the crush. Is that wise?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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What is the port of call? Civitavecchia I presume? You can take a train from Civitavecchia. The station is about 1/2 mile from the port gate. The train to Rome is 45 min to 80 min, depending on type of trains. There are at least 2 per hour. Then in Rome you change trains to Naples. Rome to Naples is about 70 min. You can be in Naples from Your ship in less than 3 hours.
Speaking Italian is not necessary if you know how to gesticulate with your hands. Also many Italians, especially younger generations, speak English, at least broken English.

Posted by Frank
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Roberto just described the typical day trip from Rome which I understand you are trying to avoid. Need to more details concerning what you want to do. Too vague for a good answer. Do you want to overnight inthe Naples/Pompii area? Or do you want to leave the cruise ship for a couple of days?

Posted by Charles
Austin, Texas, USA
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I would not advise you to try and get to Pompeii from Civitavechia. You are looking at a 2-3 hour one way trip. Unless you are porting in Naples, I think you will be worn our with the train travel. However, if 5 hours on a train doesn't bother you, then go for it.

Posted by tim
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After reading several other blogs it appears what we will do is take the train from the cruise ship teriminal to Sorrento for two days before returning to Rome. We then will use Sorrento as our base before venturing back to Rome. Has anyone done this and / or does anyone have a hotel recomendation??