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COVID Vaccine with Booster

Hi! My wife and I are going to be traveling to Italy in the later half of June (Flying JFK - Rome). I am reading some conflicting information about boosters being valid. My wife and I got our vaccines back in April of 2021 and have gotten the Booster in May. The airlines we are flying through has information that says "As of this time, the vaccination certificates with booster dose or recovery from COVID-19 after a complete primary vaccination cycle or with booster dose do not have a predetermined validity.".

As my vaccine without the booster is over the 270 day mark, will I still be ok to travel because we got the booster recently? The website says "full vaccination with EMA-authorised vaccine and booster dose, in EU Digital Certification format or equivalent certification for Italian authorities" are allowed to travel.

I just want to make sure our recent booster covers us for travel into Italy as our full vaccine was done back in April of 2021 (outside of the 270 window) with this conflicting info from our Airlines vs Italy as a country. Any insights here would help!!

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If you had a booster over 2 weeks prior to your flight the 270 day expiration does not apply. Italy is following EU guidelines.

Flew into Italy on Saturday thru Amsterdam - I didn’t have to do anything to prove vaccine status and no one validated vaccine cards. I haven’t pulled it out since I got my booster before I left.

Also, about 30% of people masked on transatlantic flight, 10% at AMS, a couple of people on flight to Italy and only me at Pisa airport. At least in Tuscany masks are just an occasional sight…

Enjoy your trip!

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We are in Sorrento now. No one had asked to see our vaccine records, although we have them with us.

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Similar issue. I'm flying into FCO on Thursday, and Delta's Ready to Fly module keeps rejecting my vaccine card.

As an essential worker, my primary series was completed in February of 2021. My booster came in August of 2021, so i'm just past 270 days on the booster.

It's been a lot of running around both Delta and TrustAssure, which runs the module for Delta. The Italian government's website as well as the NY Times say that there is no time limit for entering Italy if there is a booster.

Hoping my proof of recovery and a letter from a doctor can clear another path here.

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It really can depend on the airline and how you are reaching Italy.
If traveling from elsewhere in Europe onto Italy you don't need to show

We just flew on ITA Airlines from Boston direct to Rome and they insisted on seeing a Booster as well on the Vax card (I know this because the first employee rejected my 9 year old daughter temporarily) due to not having a booster on her CDC card. I explained to him children are not authorized (true at the time at least) so would be impossible to have that. A superior came over and scolded him as the rules are different for children under a certain age.
Anyway, they seemed very strict.
On the flight not only a mask at all times was required but a N95 / KN95 type was mandatory and enforced.

Other flights, a mask also mandatory. Vueling, Level, SATA, United ; all flown recently in or to Europe required masks the entire flight but none insisted on a N95 / KN95 mask style.

Public buses and similar transport there are signs stating the N95 type are required though they were fine with people wearing any type of mask. Masks were enforced though. Road buses and funiculars in Capri and on the Amalfi Coast and masks were enforced quite verbally to those offending.
In shops, using a mask was rare though 75% of shop keepers worn them ; only 10% or less of shoppers did. When shopping indoors we were part of the 10%. In hotels the hotel workers wore masks I would say closer to 90% of the time and guests again closer to that 10% mark.
Hope that is helpful, this was over the last couple of weeks.

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I'm in rome right now. No masks required on my delta flight and no one asked me for anything covid related at the airport.