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Covid testing Seattle

I'm freaking out. We leave on Tuesday from Seattle, arriving in Rome on Wednesday. I thought I knew where to go to get tested to get quick results, but I'm glad I double checked. My doctor's office can't get the results back in time. Where in the Seattle area can I go on Monday to get same day results? Help is appreciated greatly!

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I’ve also had luck with a rapid antigen test at Walgreen’s. They say it can be up to 24 hours but mine were back in an hour.

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Seattle airport has an option, but it's not cheap:

Also - we ordered emed tests for our trip. They have partnered with United airlines (has to be the Binax ag one).

Delta has partnered with this brand:

They both have a telehealth component and are also valid for returning to US. Our Binax Ag ones were overnighted and we got them in less than 48 hours.

They're both antigen tests, with results that you receive. I haven't used them myself (yet, this is our plan for Italy trip leaving Sept. 30th though). But am anticipating they will work.

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We did ours at the free testing site at UW. You do need an appointment and they don't guarantee results within 24 hours (I believe they say 48), but every time we've been tested there they have come back within 24.