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Covid Test at Malpensa Airport to fly home - help please

First thank you everyone for all your help. I have been able to come to Italy and have a wonderful time. I again had a flight cancelled and now am leaving out of Malpensa Airport and found where I can sign up for the test there at the airport. I am coming in the day before directly to the airport and staying by the airport.

*. I have tried to sign up and it is asking me for Code Fiscale which I think? … for Italians or EU people.

*. Does anyone know if you can just go there without signing up?

Thanks for your help with this, would like to be prepared for what I need to travel back….even though I could stay here for a LONG TIME. :)

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Passengers without a valid italian "Codice Fiscale" please write to this email address

Above/below from this site---

The GSD group guarantees the chance to take the COVID19 rapid antigen test directly at Malpensa airport, everyday, 08am to 06pm, Arrivals, floor 0 near the door number 4 .

You can book the rapid antigen test in the following ways:

Gruppo San Donato website, using the following link:
​GSD App, using the APP of Gruppo San Donato and choosing “Tampone antigenico rapido - (c/o Malpensa)” at the Palazzo della Salute.
Passengers without a valid italian "Codice Fiscale" please write to this email address

PLEASE NOTE: you will take the rapid antigen test at the Malpensa Airport Terminal 1, even if the location listed on the APP / WebSite is Palazzo Della Salute and not Malpensa Airport.

If it is impossible to proceed with the booking, you have to show up 4 hours before the scheduled departure time.

The COVID19 rapid antigen test costs 36 euros.

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I just flew home from Malpensa about a month ago. I had the same problems as you with signing up for the test at the airport. You can instead go to the Sheraton hotel right at the airport and get tested there. You do not need to sign up for a time, you can just walk in and get tested. It costs 50 Euros unless you stay at the Sheraton, then it is 40 Euros. It took me about 10 minutes. If you need to ask about the times that the testing site is open, you can call the Sheraton and ask.

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Thanks both of you. Yes tried to email to get that number and no reply. I just booked that Sheraton and will do it that way. Thanks for the support!

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Most pharmacies in Italy offer testing with no appointment, takes a few minutes, results in less than a couple hours, you can do the day before, even two days before and be fine. Cost reported is in the range of 25 euro.

Worth adding, testing is also done at many train stations and the airports, but many report long delays, not somethig I would count on the morning I was flying out.