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COVID Restrictions - Transiting through UK to Italy

Hello all - I've seen that Italy is curtailing the 5 day quarantine restrictions for vaccinated and negative test result individuals for travelers transiting through the UK but have not seen this confirmed on any Italian government site.

Has anyone else seen anything official? Traveling from DFW through LHR to MXP 9/2.

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There have been snippets of reports, interpretations, and amendments to the statute made August 28, that do indicate that the 5 day quarantine has been lifted. The Italian Official site: is in the process of being updated.

You can check here, it is the database used by airlines to sort out requirements, it appears to have been updated. There is a link to a map that gives an abbreviated version of requirements.

I think right now, it is advisable to both be vaccinated with your original CDC Card and have a negative test in hand to cover all bases.

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Today is the 31st. Give the Italian government time to update their websites.

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Pretty sure the quarantine requirement for the UK has been lifted. The British bike tour company I was using has informed me the Italy trip is a go. Six of the 9 (now 8) on the tour are UK and they have have been waiting for the Italians to lift the requirement. Sadly, I have had to drop due to injury.

Presumably, if the Italians are no longer requiring UK tourists to quarantine, they will also allow transit through LHR without quarantine.