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countryside from Florence

We will be traveling to Florence from Cinque Terre Oct 1.
Does anyone recommend a small town worth stopping and seeing on the way? We are traviling be train.

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Pisa is on the way. If you've never been there, it might make an interesting couple of hours for you. It takes about 30 min to stroll thru the town to the Field of Miracles. I enjoyed a half-day there a couple of years ago. Another town along the way is Viareggio, similar to La Spezia but seems larger. If you like marble, stop in Carrara just south of La Spezia. It's possible to travel up to the marble quarries.

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I was disappointed with Pisa especially around teh tour but it is something to see. Lucca is a good stop if you want a direct route to Florence. I don't know how much time you have to go from Cinque Terre to FLorence. Prato is a nive little stop in the way.

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Lucca is great, a walled small town, which you can rent bikes very cheap & ride the wall around the town. It is a cute little place. Pisa, you can do also, I found the field of miracles wonderful, but the rest of Pisa was a little rough. Just before we got there on the SS1 we noted some prostitutes on the side of the road, every 1/2 mile or so, and I couldn't help myself when I thought - they should either get T-shirts made or hold signs to promote the town that say "anyone want a piece of Pisa" HA HA HA but seriously - yuck and that was the middle of the day, god knows what it's like at night there.

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Thanks, We have all day. I have been to Lucca. Always heard Pisa is not worth it. I like the idea of Prata. I will check that out. Thanks for all the tips. Becky