cost of food

can a couple eat on 100.00 a day in Italy

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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If you mean euros, then yes. Or I should say any couple I know could but I don't know you or your appetites.

Posted by Gabriel
Pico Rivera, CA
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Dollars or Euro. Of course! That all depends on how you stretch your budget and where you eat. If Rachel Ray can afford $40 a day, I'm sure you can easily do $100 a day.

Posted by Glenn
Marlton, NJ, United States
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How much to spend per day is an individual thing. If you get breakfast with your hotel included, then get sandwiches/picnic, that should leave enough money for a moderate dinner (pizza, maybe pasta dishes etc...) With that said, for me, part of the vacation experience in Italy is enjoying the food. I would rather spend less on a hotel, and enjoy the food. I personally budget much more than that per day for food... but as i said, it is a personal thing. Glenn

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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If you are really budget-conscious, then get picnic food at the supermarket for lunches and alternate picnic and restaurant dinners. House wines are usually good in restaurants. Buy bottles at the supermarket for those picnics.