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Cooking classes in Tuscany?

We will be in Tuscany for a week and would love to spend a day learning Tuscan cooking. Does anyone know of a cooking class that is reasonably priced. The ones I have seen were about $100 US and over. I just can't justify spending that much on a class when I usually pay about $50 per class at home (Canada).

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Hi Jennifer, I know there have been postings about cooking classes recently. Use the search function at the top right of this website. You should get a few ideas from that.

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Jennifer - try divina cucina (just google that) in Florence. It is run by an American woman living in Florence. I do not know how much she charges but she has a great website and blog. Have fun

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Jennifer also try the Go to Tuscany, then look for Cooking with Giulietta. I can recommend this school. Five of us went to this school for 4 days and it was just GREAT. The villa is something right out of a movie. They also have a one day class but I'm sure it's not $50. Good luck! By the way if you're looking for someone to take you around Tuscany to out of the way little towns let me know. We met Euan through the cooking school and used him for an additional two days and had just the best time. He's from Scotland, speaks both Italian and English and has a wonderful personality. All five of us have referred other travlers to him and everyone was thrilled with him.

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I think you are being unrealistic about finding a cooking class for the equivalent of $50, especially if you are trying to locate it on the internet before you go.
We signed up for the half-day wine tour/cooking class with Accidental Tourist, but it is 80 euro each. The divinacucina classes are much more expensive, but are "real" cooking classes.
You may find something once you're actually there, by talking with the locals.

have fun!