Cooking class in Florence

Anyone have any recommendations on a good cooking class in Florence??

Posted by melissa
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I took a 'Tuscan recipes' class this summer with Cook Eat Italian in central Florence. It seems to be the only one which limits class sizes to a reasonable number (maximum of 6 in the class) and the evening class I managed to squeeze into the end of a day. They do morning or evening classes, or a full day out on a farm which I would have done if I had the time. The class was about 4 hours long and in it we made a four course meal which we then sat down to eat. There wasn't a market tour option but I know how to buy fresh produce in a market and I really wanted more time learning in the kitchen. Definitely take one of their classes if you are serious about learning Italian cuisine: the chef Manuela really knew her stuff and was able to answer all my questions. Their website -

Posted by Ruth
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
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We've done 2 different cooking classes in Florence. The first was in 2008 with Accidental Tourist. Made ravioli and tagliatelli. We combined the half day cooking class with a half day wine tasting. You are picked up in town and driven out to the country. It was a lovely day - a small group of about 10 people. Last year we took the Florencetown cooking class, which starts with a tour of San Lorenzo market to purchase the food, as well as sample olive oil, cheese and balsamica. We made bruschetta, ravioli, bolognese, and tiramisu. It was a bigger group, about 25 people. Both were very enjoyable, with fun people and great food, but if I had to choose, I think the accidental tourist was the most enjoyable. Both can be reserved online. I hope this helps.

Posted by shirley
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I second the recommendation for Cook Eat Italian with Manuela. I took two courses there - the first was fresh pasta making. It was held on a Sunday and there were lots of local people there learning to cook so it was a fun class. The second was the 4 hours make lunch course. Also very good. We even learned how to make gelato using a home freezer with no special machine. That class had only one local person in it and the rest were visitors from the US and Japan. The classes are small and you are cooking in a home style kitchen so you know you could do it at home yourself. You get a small work space which is communal and also Manuela gives you the recipes by email. She's a very charming person too.

Posted by Angela
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Thanks very much ladies!!! I'm going to look into the Cook Eat Italian classes since both of you recommended them. I would like to take a evening class but I don't see any listed. I'm emailing them to inquire. Thanks again!!

Posted by Anthony
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I also can recommend Accidental Tourist - lovely people and you get to see a bit of the countryside!

Posted by Paige
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Loved, loved my cooking class with Florencetown and chef Andrea. It was bigger than my one in Roma (12) with 25 people and at first I just knew it would not compare, but it was fun and informative. The fare is pretty standard and everyone pitches in. I am an avid cook. This was on a bit more pedestrian level...but still a wonderful experience.