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Convent Accomodation

I recently saw a Travelogue (not Rick's) that featured accomodation at a Convent. It was a production from 2007 yet they did not mention the name or location specifically. I'm assuming it was in the area of the Vatican??
Apparently this form of accomodation is inexpensive (around $25 pounds/night) and spotlessly clean. The only drawback was the 2300h kerfew.
Has anyone used this type of accomodation? In Italy or elsewhere? Any recommendations/suggestions?

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I enjoy convent stays in Italy. However I see the costs have gone up in the last 2 yrs in add. to the poor xchg. They are very clean , quiet, rooms are spartan with no phone and TV but I never miss it. They usually have ensuite rooms but no air cond.. I always decline the breakfast since they are very meager and I prefer a cafe anyway. Cash is normally required and sometimes language is a difficulty for some. But I have a dictionary to help with that. I stayed at one in Cortona (parking incl)and Orvieto. Curfews don't bother me as I am always tired bef 10pm anyway.

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In Florence we stayed at the Casa de Nome Gesu on the Piazza del Carmine, a somewhat spartan but gorgeous palace run by some Catholic missionary nuns. It was beautiful,peaceful, inexpensive and yes there is a curfew (11:30pm) and twin beds. Otherwise it was great. I would stay there again.

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There are various Catholic convents or monasteries throughout Europe, that welcome travelers, generally pilgrims. These places tend to be cloistered (A convent in Venice that I stayed in wasn't at all). Thus they have a rigorous schedule that can not accommodate the party-hardies. The price of the accomodation is usually a donation used only for household expenses and their charity work. They do not look for a profit. Yes, they are very clean and simple. I found the Benedictine monasteries had the best operation; ran it like a B&B w/some restrictions. Some of my best meals in France also took place in a Benedictine monastery. If you find a monastery or convent to stay in before your trip, I suggest you contact them to find out what their specific rules are.

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We stayed at Suore di Santa Elisabetta (email: last month. It was very clean, comfortable bed, spartan, but a very nice large bathroom (for european standards), and included a basic breakfast for 65euros/night. 11:00pm curfew. Located about 4 blocks from the Termini near the Santa Maria Maggiore. I found it in Ricks 2007 Italy book. Santa Susanna's website lists several other convents in Rome and other towns in Italy.