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Consider a voucher in lieu of a refund from small hotels

Like all of you we are sad to have had RS cancel our Village Italy Tour, but there was no reasonable option. While getting refunds is problematic for us as travelers, the impact of no tourists going to small hotels must be devastating. We had a reservation at Albergo Milano in Varenna and when we emailed our cancellation, they offered us a full refund of our deposit or a voucher that we could use in the next two years. We gladly accepted the voucher as we felt that they likely have no income and may not into the near future.
Others of you are probably doing the same as we, but if not, accepting a voucher might help to preserve the livelihood of the people and places we love.

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Great idea! We have hotels book in Italy this summer, but didn't have to prepay. If we had, we'd ask for the voucher.

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Getting a voucher is ok so long as the business is still in operation at the end of this fiasco. I fear that many won’t be.