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Connecting Flights at FCO

I will be flying back on Delta from Verona to Atlanta in late September. One of the options is to catch a connecting flight at FCO with 1 hour and 15 minutes between flights. Is this enough time? I've never connected in Rome.

I did a similar trip last September and changed flights in Amsterdam. I was in no hurry then with a very long layover, but I had to go through some sort of passport check and I seem to remember this taking quite a while. It makes me think 75 minutes isn't going to do it.

Anybody have thoughts or advice on this you can share? Thanks,

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You might want a longer layover. FCO is a really big airport, and the domestic flights (Verona to Rome) are most likely in a different terminal from the international flights, and you have to take a shuttle bus from one terminal to the other.
Plus, your flight from Verona won't actually be on Delta; it will be on Alitalia, which isn't a big deal but can add to the confusion.

We connected at FCO when flying from Palermo to JFK last year, and that was our experience. There might also have been an additional security check, but I can't remember.

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It looks like there is also a connection with 3 hour and 50 minute change time. At least there is another Delta/Alitalia flight to Atlanta later in the day that will give you some protection.

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Thank you. Yes, I saw the flight with the longer layover and was trying to decide between the two. I guess I know the answer now.


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One other factor to consider is that many Alitalia flights do NOT park at the terminal. The plane parks remotely and then buses take passengers to the terminal. Had that experience when flying to/from Athens from Rome. Adds at least 15 minutes to getting into the terminal building vs walking off the plane through the tube into the concourse