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Confusion in Naples Train Station

In 2003 we were in Italy (going back next week) and it seems that we got lost and confused in the Naples train station. We were arriving from Rome, connecting in Naples, and continuing to Sorrento. It seems that we had to go downstairs to a different level and take another short train ride to the train to Sorrento. Any ideas about this?

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Yes, we just did this last week. Make sure you get off at the main Naples (Naples Centrale)train station. I think if you get off at the first Naples train station, then you end up taking another train to the Central station. That may be what you did before. Then follow the signs to the Circumvisuviana train. As we came off the train, we walked over to the far left of the station with backs to the binarios. You'll buy your ticket, and then go down another flight of stairs to the train. It's a little scary, but just watch each other's bags on the train and station.Circumvesuviana takes 1 hour and five minutes and makes about 20 stops. The last one is Sorrento, so you can't miss it. Have a great time!

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Do watch out for young men crowding you....great pickpocket place!