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Concerts in Venice?

Any suggestions on attending Vivaldi/Baroque concerts in Venice? Please post details! Thanx!

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All over Europe the only Vivaldi concerts I have seen ads for feature "The Four Seasons." I recommend that you just find a concert that is convenient for you and go to that one.

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I attended one during the summer months. They seem to be advertized regularly espec during tourist season. The ads are posted everywhere and the concerts are in costume.Some are held in churches. ck with your concierge or reception at your hotel they prob can get info for you easily.I recall it was a dress casual performance for a reasonble price approx $20.

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I just attended a Operat/Concerto performance in Venice on May 8. This performance was held at the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro near the Rialto Bridge. On alternates evenings, the offer Vivaldi's Four Seasons performance. My hotel booked the performance for me. The prices ranged from 20 to 35 Euro depending on which performance and whether you have front seating or back seating. It was a delightful performance and was a perfect ending to my brief stay in florence.

There are many other performances offered in Venice. I believe your hotel could guide and assist you.

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I was in Venice in March and there were concerts every night. They were various composers but Vivaldi featured heavily. There was a performance of 4 Seasons every second night. My hotel had all the brochures and were happy to book for me. Also I noticed young girls and guys in the streets dressed in period costume who took bookings too.