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Conair Ceramic

Just returned from Target where I picked up a "Dual Voltage" Conair curling iron to take to Italy. Open up the package, no dial to change from 110 to 240? It says that it "automatically" converts once it's plugged into an adapter, which kinda makes me nervous, lol! Looking @ the adapters @ Target, well, it was cheap junk, 5 adapters for $10.00, you get what you pay for!. I've called AAA about this whole adapter issue with a curling iron and they say you must use an 85 watt adapter for a curling iron. 50 watts is not enough and then the larger is just too much. Does anybody have this Conair Curling iron and have you used it Europe? I read all these stories about meltdowns and blowouts and if this is the case, I may as well return it and just purchse one in Rome.

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Hi Jennifer,

I think the person from AAA was talking about converters. There is no wattage associated with an adapter. An adapter just makes an American plug go to a European plug.

If you bought a dual voltage curling iron, you should be fine. As long as it shows something like 110-240V on it, you should be fine. You just need the adapter.

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Thanks Laura... I called AAA back and spoke to someone else and sure enough had been given the incorrect info the first time. I can pick up an adapter from them for just $2.50 that will take care of me while travelling in Italy as well the last few days of the trip in Paris. Grazie~